Deep Canyon Tennis Club (DCTC) has the best tennis in the Palm Springs area! Yes, there are clubs that have many courts and fancy brochures but do they have players? Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find all the tennis your body can take at Deep Canyon Tennis Club. Players at skill levels from beginner to elite (USTA 5.0) can find competition and camaraderie on our 12 hard courts. For instance, January through March, there are at least 80 men and women at the 3.5 to 4.5 level here at the club. A great way to “break the ice” is to join the fun on Wednesday afternoons for some mixed doubles followed by a social hour and pizza.  It’s a great way to meet everyone.  Additionally, there are opportunities to play at your skill level every week by signing up for either ladies’ or men’s “Top Gun” tennis events.  Your tennis calendar will be filled before you know it! Courts are available for play by residents, renters and guests.

Casual Play: Courts are assigned at the Pro Shop for 1 ½ hour increments and are typically filled for the first three or four hours of the day. Aside from the “teaching court”, the other courts are available for USTA League matches and casual play, e.g., singles, for the rest of the day. Three of the courts are lighted but not heavily used since players tend to play earlier in the day.